Originals | Ladies Inside

This collection began with a question: Whom do we become in times of strife? In our experiences we’re required to become a certain type of person to deal with discord. There are times we look back on these moments with regret, wishing we could have been better. There are other times however, when we remember the strength mustered out of thin air. There are multiple facets and faces within us, The Ladies Inside.
None of these experiences are perfect, and not all of them have a lesson to teach. Some moments called for a woman I was unable to summon. Yet with hindsight I am able to see my evolution. These challenges allowed me to see not just one version of myself, but every woman I have had to become to get me to the present. A multitude of faces I have acknowledged when I look inward. This collection gives each face a story, retelling the moment I became that woman. My perseverance, my repressed gut feelings, my strength, and my failings all have their faces. This collection gifts a portrait to every time you have thought If only I could have been…
Each painting aims to capture specific emotions and characteristics that make us and our many iterations so unique. Whether gritting teeth and clenching fists, or simply learning to heal and letting a gentle day envelop you, there are women who we’ve become or desperately needed to become. I hope you look each of these women in the eyes and recognize a piece of yourself and uncover a face you may have forgotten – because you just might need it one day.