Originals | Pixeled Memory

What are your most salient memories? Are they washed out in greyscale when you think back on them, or are they a chorus of colors from which you can’t turn your mind’s eye? That vivid memory plays somewhere in your mind with perfect clarity yet the harder you try to remember it, the more distorted it becomes.
This is how pixelated materialized.
On my usual route home I stumbled across what I thought to be a new mural on the wall of an abandoned warehouse. I paused, trying to recall what I had seen in the days before. Had it changed? Was I tired? I couldn’t put it out of my mind. The image on the wall appeared old, weathered – How could this be new? I stood there, letting my mind process the colors and shapes that stood upon the wall. Little bits and pieces jumped out and suddenly I saw the mural in a new light. However vague it started out as, the power of memory called forth what I previously saw. Sometimes the smallest of details will allow us to see beyond the barrier of our own memories.
Immediately I was struck with inspiration: a new collection filled with conceptual visualization.  Depictions of memories just out of reach, where the finer details have fallen away and what remains is only a reflection of what is soon to be forgotten. Through this modern, pixelated lens I intend to show you a digitized memory of something I cherish, even if I can’t recall exactly why it affects me. Each specific interaction of colors and shapes will signify a slice of nostalgia or a moment we attempted to forget. These memories wait deep in our thoughts, just waiting a reminder that they still exist.