These are a few of the most common questions I get asked. Feel free to email me if you have additional questions info@ingridandching.com

How do I buy an original?
I am constantly creating new paintings through out the year and release them individually. This will be well advertised before hand via social media. These are one of a kind paintings. So what you see today may not be there tomorrow! Originals will be available here.

Can I commission a painting? 
Yes, for commission click here.

Gallery Owners:
I would be thrilled to work with you and your vision. Please send me an email to discuss your gallery and any ideas that you may have: info@ingridandching.com.

Shop Owners:
I am looking to expand and offer my prints at wholesale to select shops. We can discuss original works that you may want to feature in your shop as well. You may not resell artwork ( prints or originals ) without written permission.

Interior Designers:
Myself as an artist, textile and fashion designer can fully relate to designers out there who love and treasure my artwork and belong in a fine looking home or space. I offer discount for designers, please email info@ingridandching.com for further details. Please note I do not offer discount on original paintings nor do I allow my work to be marked up without consent.

I love working with you: bloggers, vloggers, editors, stylists, and writers. There are many images on my site that you are free to use for your article. Please kindly credit me: Ingrid and Ching. If you have any questions, please email info@ingridandching.com

Who actually owns the paintings?
Please note that Ingrid and Ching retains all rights to all artwork, even those of sold and commissioned original paintings. Ingrid and Ching retains the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork created unless the collector has purchased the full rights to the artwork (this is in addition to simply purchasing the original). The collector or buyer may not reproduce the artwork in any way without written permission.

The collector has the right to display the artwork in their home or business. Artwork may not be resold or reproduced for profit in any way without the artist's written permission.

All sales are final. Commission pieces cannot be canceled once begun and are subject to the terms of our commission agreement.

Please take the time to read descriptions carefully and the check colors on multiple screens if you are concerned about color variations.