The artwork of Ingrid and Ching is centered on beautifying the ordinary

Ingrid and Ching is centered on discovering the beauty within our experience. Life is perpetually shaped by the world in which we live. This is where I find my inspiration. Our environments change; with every change comes new emotions and experiences. My work is an outlet to help bring a better understanding to the ever-changing landscape in which we find ourselves. This is why my paintings always ask questions– purposeful moments to breathe in the work and reflect. Yet it’s not about the answer to each question, but your journey, your approach, and every bit of clarity it affords you.


My paintings explore moments in time that I have witnessed and felt. They ask questions, they express perspectives, and they define the person I wish I could have been at that exact moment. I imagine a woman within my paintings – not to represent myself, but to embody the clarity I wish I could have held at that instant. The mixed media and abstract nature of my paintings allows me to show the complex and distorted nature of raw emotions, and how our experience is not always what we remember. I want you to lose yourself within the odd beauty of each unique canvas. Every moment in life is an opportunity to make an immediate, lasting impression – I strive to create art that embodies this fact.

World Before Color

Beautiful subtle, personal insights and inspiration.