The Studio

“Art is a line around your thoughts.” – Gustav Klimt
Let me tell you about my studio, where all my beautiful thoughts come to life. It’s a space that allows a thought to turn into a question, and a question into a painting. The whole process lets my paintings tell a personal story. A story that people can relate to. Even if you haven’t had a similar experience, the thought that kicked off the entire process will entice your mind to wander and decide on some of the “What If’s!” in life.
My studio space is on the second floor of our townhouse, with tall windows that the sun spills through. The walls are white against a muted, gray hardwood floor. The near absence of colors allows me to fill the space with the palette of my experiences and their entailing emotions. The colors are without distraction, all that shines through is their raw emotion. This is my space where anything and everything can happen – here there are no limits.