My Process

Behind the Art

Where does it come from? All of my art comes from a part of me that most of the world never gets to see. It comes from distant memories, new adventures, and amazing experiences. These moments are then translated into colors, textures, and embellishments. Our perceptions and feelings sway our decisions and I am not exempt from this. Each of my pieces may have several inspirations that come into play while I am painting: happiness, fear, excitement, pain, love, and most importantly – passion.
Inspiration: My inspiration comes from life. I draw from everywhere and everyone. When I am outside, everything catches my eye. My Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, and Minor in Textiles, allow me to further tighten my creative lens. We remember the most intricate of details, and as such my art is saturated with ornate embellishment. So many people give the mundane only a passing glance. Within the simple aspects of life – the shiftless lean of a telephone pole, winding roots of static trees, or how a simple chair is perched before your daily coffee shop – there is so much more at work than your quick glances allow you to notice. This is why I capture these moments and edit them within Photoshop; I create a moment in time, a monochromatic reaction to a raw feeling. My inspiration does not end once I begin to paint. It springs through each brush stroke. Each noise that permeates my studio walls is drawn into my ear and expelled through my hands. The wind will sweep through the city and deliver to me joyful laughter, irate honking, and whatever else the street serves up. They’ll never know it, but that manifestation has been captured by my painting. Inspiration for me is the past, present, future, and the emotions that they each carry.
Experimenting: Within my workspace there is a myriad of crystals, beads, and other embellishments. I put them in different groupings seeing what works well together. Then, I sketch out the different colors and determine how to embellish the piece. Before I start to lay down the layers of paint I mark off sections on my canvas with the colors that I want to use. I have learned to expect the unexpected, as the result of playing with color always seems to go well beyond what I thought they could be. There have been so many times where the feeling I was trying to convey just would not show through and the canvas had to be scraped clean to begin again. This is as far as my experimenting goes. I want the raw emotion to organically shine, not looking as if it was forcibly polished.
Paint meets Canvas: The purpose of each piece is to permeate the mind and soul and create something not seen before. Because this can be different for everyone, my paintings are there for you to think and reflect on what may be happening in that moment. Each painting contains a mystery that only you hold the clues to. I want you to come to realize the multitude of feelings to which we hang. This is something that comes only when you put down what you are doing and engage with what you experience. Appreciating that which may never be recognized is the true beauty in the world. Stepping outside the realm of comfort is the beauty of the mind.
Full Circle: Each painting is attached to a story and a question. I want to challenge your mind to think of the “what ifs” in life. I want to leave this world knowing that I might have been able to inspire or brighten the day of just one person. We all leave a mark as we walk forward in our journey through life. How has this world changed because of you? Your impact may be limited, but to those select few, remember you have changed their world.